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Rose Water

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Rose Water 8oz


Spark Naturals Rose Water, in 4oz and 8oz Spray Bottles (with a fine misting spray top) Spark Naturals Rose Water is an herbal distillate, which is an important co-product produced in the process of making Spark Naturals Rose essential oil. The amazing thing about that is that SN Rose Water carries many of the beneficial properties of SN Rose essential oil (although in a much lower concentration). Rose water has been used by generations in food, skincare, and haircare products. It is well-known for its many benefits, which include (but are not limited to): -improving skin tone and elasticity -moisturizing (great for dry skin, but appropriate for all skin types - it is effective, but not a heavy moisturizer) -helping to prevent and possibly even alleviate sun damage (research is ongoing regarding substantiating these claims) -anti-inflammatory (excellent for soothing sensitive skin) -rich source of antioxidants Rose water, straight from the bottle, is a fantastic moisturizer, linen spray, facial toner, and makeup remover. Rose water is often used in cooking applications, as well, including many middle eastern and southeast asian drinks and foods. Imagine all the possibilities in combination with other beneficial essential oils!

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