• Helichrysum


Helichrysum: helichrysum italicum

Description: Helichrysum is one of the most sought after and expensive oils in the market. It has amazing regenerative and soothing properties along with the ability to fight free radicals. Helichrysum is a crucial part of many of the Balance Essential Oil blends.

Properties: Anti Catarrhal, Anti-Oxidant, Mulcolytic, Antiviral, Antispasmodic, Mucolytic and Anticoagulant

Historical Uses: The word Helichrysum is derived from the Greek word helios meaning sun and chrysos meaning gold. This is a reference to the golden color of many of the flowers from this botanical genus. Helichrysum has been used since the time of the ancient Greeks for its great wound healing ability, and was used often after battles.

Possible Uses: 

Due to its Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Allergenic properties Helichrysum is great for inflamed skin, eczema and dermatitis. Use topically for the preceding issues along with any potential bruises following injury. 

Helichrysum is also amazing in fighting respiratory conditions, diffuse to help with sinus- infections, bronchitis and spasmodic coughing. 

Dilute with a few ounces of liquid or use in gelatin capsules and consume to help with circulatory functions, improve hearing and stimulate liver cell function. 

Blends well With: Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Clary Sage, Clove and most Citrus Oils 

Helichrysum Essential Oil Application: 

Can be used aromatically 
Can be used topically (Apply NEAT)


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