Made from kiln-fired clay, our Terra Cotta Clay Pendants are the perfect personal diffuser for any essential oil user. They are naturally porous and as such allow for the absorption and subsequent release of essential oils so that they are easily breathed in throughout the day. Our Terra Cotta Pendants come with an adjustable waxed cotton cord which can be worn from roughly 15-30 inches in length based on your personal preference. Since the pendants are only 3/8" thick, they are relatively low profile and may be tucked in to clothing if desired. To use, simply place the pendant on a flat surface and add 1 drop of Spark Naturals essential oil or blend. Wait until the oil is fully absorbed and then put it on. After several days, it may not be necessary to add essential oil every day. If the pendant becomes saturated, it is easy to clean with eco-friendly dish soap. Terra Cotta Pendants are the perfect accessory for every essential oil user, and an affordable option for personal diffusing!
  • $9.00