Finding Your Zen

Finding Your Zen

A masterful grounding blend of Spruce, Rosewood, Blue (German) Chamomile and Frankincense, Spark Naturals Zen Grounding Blend is designed to promote clarity, calmness and an overall feeling of good and peace. Zen is un-cut (meaning that Spark Naturals does not use a carrier oil or dilute the product in any way), to keep it’s potency and versatility. It gets it’s unique blue color from the Blue Chamomile.



Known for its stress and anxiety reducing properties, Spruce is an evergreen conifer tree native to Russia and Europe. When the needles and twigs are steamed distilled they produce a pale yellow essential oil with a fresh coniferous aroma. The anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties are soothing to the mind and body when inhaled.

*Not recommended for use during pregnancy.


Another evergreen tree, Rosewood is native to the South American rain forest. Once prized for its use in furniture and instrument building, this endangered tree is now carefully harvested from sustainable sources. The sawdust and wood chippings are steam distilled for their warm, floral, woodsy, essential oil. This oil is used in the Spark Naturals Zen blend for easing nervousness, depressing, and anxiety.

*Rosewood is considered generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

Blue Chamomile

German or Blue Chamomile is a white, daisy-like flower that is used for a wide variety of things from French liqueurs to gynecological conditions. Distilled from the flowering tops, the oil has an herbaceous, sweet, straw-like aroma and is dark blue in color, thus it’s name Blue Chamomile. It is used in the SN Zen blend for its calmative properties.

*Blue Chamomile is considered generally recognized as safe (GRAS).


Frankincense is a small woody tree grown mainly in Somalia and Ethiopia. The sap forms a resin that is used around the world for incense and is distilled for it’s essential oil. The oil is thin with a sweet, spicy, and balsamic aroma. Frankincense is included in the SN Zen Blend because of its ability to ease tension and release mental fatigue.



Zen Grounding Blend is for aromatic and topical use only, and is not recommended for internal use.


Place 1-2 drops onto a diffuser necklace or differ bracelet to inhale throughout the day.

In your favorite diffuser, place 2-4 drops of Zen before meditating or during stressful times (ahem, family visiting during the holidays…)


In a 10ml roller bottle, put 20 drops of Zen and top off with our favorite carrier. Use on the back of the neck, inside of the wrists, or on the pads of the feet.