Oil of the Month Club Subscriptions Q&A

Q. How do I access my subscription?

A. Login to your Spark Naturals account, from your dashboard click on "manage subscription", make any changes needed.

Q. Can I add an item to my subscription order?

A. Yes, login to your account before the monthly order is set to process, go to "manage subscription" and choose to add an item. This will add a one time item to your shipment with no shipping fee!!!

Q. How long do I have to stay in the club?

A. There is no minimum months to stays subscribed. Stay in the club 1, 2, 3 or 18 moths, how long you stay subscribed is up to you!

Q. Can I change the date my order processes each month?

A. Yes, you have absolute control of your monthly order. The first order will process the day you signup, after the first order, you can change the date processing day.

Q. Can I skip a month that has an oil I don't need?

A. Yes, simply login to your account before your monthly oil is set to process and choose to skip the month you don't need.

Q. Can I switch between Regular and Premium any given month?

A. Yes, Login to your account before the date your monthly order is set to process, go to "manage subscription" choose to swap your montly oil. You can switch back and forth anytime you wish to change from premium to regular or visaversa.

Q. Where can I see what is coming each month?

A. The monthly list for each club is listed under each club description. 

Q. Do the oils offered change every year?

A. Yes, we do our best to offer a new selection each year, some oils may repeat from one year to the next but usually they are the most popular oils that highly used and requested.


We hope this page is helpful answering questions about our very popular Oil of the Month Club. If you still have questions please contact us at: info@sparknaturals.com