DIY Skin Nourishing Bath Melts

Winter can be brutal on your skin, especially if you live in a very cold and dry place, or suffer from skin conditions such as eczema. Winter can also be hard if get the winter blues! Use these bath melts to moisturize your skin, calm your mind, relax and reset your energy.

There is no better way to warm up and melt away a day’s stressors than with a self-care ritual, these melts are the perfect way to care for yourself inside and out!

Bath melts are similar to bath salts, bath balms or bath soaks but they deliver a slight different bath experience. It is a silky smooth experience of a bath soak with a luxury aromatic calming feel. When added to your running bath it melts delivering the dry flowers and relaxing, soothing aromas. There’s a subtly smooth melting that infuses your bath time with essential herbs and oils leading to a more hydrating experience.

The Combination of Shea butter, Epsom salt, and cocoa butter along with the flowers and essential oils create a skin-soothing, balancing, magical herbal bath ritual that your skin will thank you for. By the time you are done soaking, a sense of renewal, calm, and heart opening will envelop you and your skin will be soft and nourished as well.


Creating your own bath melt allows you to design a bath experience suited to your needs or purpose. As you decide what essential oils to add to your specific bath melt, consider your self-care and self-love ritual of focus and letting go. All of these ingredients are good for the skin, but be conscious of what is good for your soul when choosing the aroma.




  1. Melt butters in double boiler at low heat until completely melted, remove from heat.
  2. Add Epsom salt and stir to incorporate.
  3. Let cool slightly and add essential oils
  4. Place mold/s on cutting board or cookie sheet for stability.
  5. Pour oils mixture into mold.
  6. Top with dry flowers of choice.
  7. Allow to cool completely at room temperature.
  8. Un-mold and store in a glass jar.

To Use:

Add bath melt while you are filling tub, enjoy!

Use herbal bath melts as needed to moisturize your skin and relax your mind. Feel the herbal benefits as you reconnect with your inner self. Just as the melts will cater to individual needs, make a ritual that suits what feels right to you at the moment.

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