Essential Oils at the Office

Why Essential Oils at the Office

We believe that nature is our home, as such, the goal we are trying to achieve with this blog is to help you bring nature’s aromas and its powerful healing powers to your work space, whether you work in a 10ft x 12ft office, or outdoors.

Essential oils are the most basic piece of flowers, herbs, and trees, distilled into an oil form. They’re of course distinguished by their scents, but those scents differ and offer a variety of benefits for you.  For example, some might help you relax while others will wake you up.

Using essential oils for office productivity is a great idea because they can help you work better.  The way essential oils work means they will provide aromatic and physiological benefits.

Each day your mood and the way you feel will be different.  Depending on what you need and the day ahead, you can choose an oil, or blend of oils, to suit.

Need to get some energy into your day? Try peppermint, lemongrass or bergamot essential oils. Do you want to focus and concentrate on getting it done? Grab the Focus oil bottle.

Start with this list of 7 essential oils – they are perfect to begin with and offer a range of benefits.  Use them alone or mix and match as needed. 

The Oils

Here’s a list with our 7 essential oils and their benefits:

  • Geranium – Balancing, mood enhancing
  • Zen – Clarity, Calmness, Peace
  • Lavender– relieve headaches, relaxing
  • Peppermint – tension reliever, energizing
  • Focus – promote productivity and concentration
  • Lemongrass – rejuvenating, invigorating

It is important to know that these are potential benefits. Each person varies with results and these benefits have not been approved for the FDA. These benefits are purely from years of using these products.


We realize and are fully aware that not everyone will have the luxury of having a diffuser at their designated work space. Although that would be ideal for an aromatherapy perspective, there are many other simple ways of using the oils that we mentioned before. Here are some ways:


We want to thank you for following us. We hope your work experience will be enhanced and more productive as you try this wonderful oils.

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