Memory Plus | Retention Blend
Memory Plus | Retention Blend
Memory Plus | Retention Blend
Memory Plus | Retention Blend

Memory Plus | Retention Blend

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Spark Naturals Memory Plus Blend was specially formulated with the most care. We know how precious our memories are and as we age we tend to start forgetting.

The essential oils chosen for Memory Plus synergize and work together perfectly to calm mind and spirit, boost clarity, awareness, energy, focus and retention. 

Rosemary has been used for years to clear the mind and nervous system & stimulate memories. Many studies have been conducted and have found Rosemary to significantly enhance the quality of memory and increased mental alertness.

Bergamot can build confidence, uplift spirits, promote energy boost, relieve depression and anxiety that is sometimes associated with memory loss. 

Melissa traditionally has been attributed with memory-enhancing properties and has been known to fight depression and calm the mind. 

Melissa has a strong effect on mood by helping to uplift as well as calm feelings of anxiety, tension, and stress.

Sage is known to cerebrally, emotionally, and spiritually stimulate and clarify the mind while exhibiting a balancing, uplifting, soothing, and strengthening effect on the senses to ease negative moods.

Frankincense contains "sesquiterpenes", a chemical constituent that helps increase the amount of oxygen in the limbic system of the brain. Frankincense is great for memory and focus and has powerful anti-inflammatory compounds for the brain, making it a great addition to this blend to help combat forgetfulness and memory loss. 


Aromatically - Diffuse throughout the day, use in diffuser jewelry, or inhale right from the bottle. 

Topically - Blend with carrier oil of lotion and apply to neck or chest