Grapefruit Essential Oil: Uses that make it Great

Grapefruit Essential Oil is one of our favorites – did you know it can help with weight loss? Here are 1o great reasons to use Grapefruit Oil: Feel Free to pin and share with your friends!

  1. Weight Loss Booster

Have you ever heard that grapefruit is great for weight loss & fat-burning? That’s because some of the active ingredients found in grapefruits are beneficial to boost metabolism and reduce appetite. Mix grapefruit oil with a few drops of patchouli, and add a few drops to your water, diffuse it in your office or home, or massage some onto your chest and wrists when a craving strikes.

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  1. Natural Antibacterial

Grapefruit oil has antibacterial effects that help reduce & even eliminate strains of bacteria. Research shows that grapefruit oil can also aid in the fight against strong bacterial strains that can be responsible for some food-born illnesses such as E. Coli or salmonella. Grapefruit is also used to fight mold growth, kill parasites, preserve food, and disinfect water.

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  1. Stress Killer

Grapefruit Oil has a natural scent that is uplifting, soothing and clarifying. It’s known to kill stress and works great when diffused, added to bath, or applied on skin as perfume. Add several drops to a cotton ball with a touch of coconut oil, and rub it on your wrists, neck or chest.

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  1. Hangover Helper

Grapefruit oil is a powerful gallbladder and liver stimulant, so it can help stop headaches, cravings and sluggishness following alcohol drinking. Add one to two drops to water or use it topically on your skin, on your throat and neck.


  1. Stop the Sugar Cravings

Have a sweet tooth? Grapefruit oil is known to lower sugar cravings when you inhale it directly. Sniff the oil directly from the bottle whenever your cravings hit, or try using several drops in water or tea and drink it throughout the day.

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  1. Air Freshener

Diffuse some grapefruit oil along with other citrus scents like lemon essential oil and orange oil. While your house fills with a clean scent, you also eliminate odor-causing bacteria from the air.


  1. Circulation Booster

Therapeutic-grade grapefruit essential oil can help lower inflammation and increase blood flow. The blood vessel-dilating effects of grapefruit are useful as a natural aid for cramps, headaches, bloating, fatigue and muscle pain. Add a few drops to a bath, place some on your shirt collar or dab some onto your wrists.

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  1. Acne Fighter and Skin Saver

Many popular lotions and soaps have added citrus oil, for its natural antibacterial, skin-boosting properties. Grapefruit essential oil is able to help fight bacteria and greasiness that can cause acne blemishes, and is also useful for helping you get rid of cellulite. It’s also been found to help heal wounds, cuts, bites and to prevent skin infections. Use grapefruit oil along with coconut oil once or twice daily on the affected area.


  1. Hair Cleanser

You can add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner to help reduce grease and bacteria while adding volume and shine. If you color your hair, grapefruit oil will help protect strands from sunlight damage.


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  1. Flavor Enhancer

You can use grapefruit oil to naturally add a hint of citrus flavor of meals, smoothies and water. Grapefruit oil also helps curb cravings for carbs and sweets, and improves digestion after meals.


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